The Reality About Walt Disney's Final Resting Place (And Where Is His Head)

Published: 07th December 2012
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There have always been differing rumors about just what occurred to Walt Disney's body following his death in 1966. The usual theme behind all of these reports is that of a macabre conspiracy connecting the late genius' body to the corporation and the recreation areas.

Potentially the most popular Disney urban myth of all time is that Walt Disney, in hopes of one day being treated of his ailments asked to be frozen until such a time where specialists could securely deliver him back to life and restore him to full health. The idea appears logical, and the science does exist to carry out such a morbid embalming. Could Walt Disney actually be a human Popsicle somewhere? The most apparent problem with this theory is that in order for a person to be frozen, the treatment must be done while the customer is still alive. Clients allegedly pick the solution when a medical condition has actually become too much to bear and they are barely sticking to life. Since we know Walt did, in reality perish, we know that the procedure, as described by practitioners and science fiction lovers alike, can not have actually been carried out.

When the report of a fully frozen cadaver was disproven, and it was revealed that Disney had a grave to comfortably reside in, a brand-new concept emerged. People started to say that maybe only his head was frozen. This solution appears outlandish, but it would describe exactly how he might have a charming family burial and be cryogenically frozen at the same time. This solution would additionally offer solace to millions of individuals who hope that the mind behind the wonderful Disney Empire is not dead, however can be awoken in the future to continue working its magic. I will let the clinical impossibilities run through your head and will simply say that it is an entertaining campfire story and nothing more.

Robert Ettinger's book on cryonics came out 2 years before Disney's death in 1966. In the book (released 1964) the concept of freezing is only proposed, as at this time, little was known about the possibilities. In 1972, Walt Disney's little girl Diane composed, "There is definitely no truth to the report that my father, Walt Disney, wished to be frozen. I question that my father had ever heard of cryonics."

The 3rd most spread out Disney report is that Walt is buried somewhere inside the Magic Kingdom, where workers and affluent fans can go to with him, in a cult-like way. The concept that Disney was buried in his cherished Disneyworld is reassuring to some however it turns the concept of a man having pride for just what he's accomplished into a terrifying tale of fixation which conspiracy theorists enjoy. It is false that his body can easily be visited within the parks. However if you need to know, reports state that he is either in Tomorrowland, or in the Haunted Mansion, concealed among other ghostly coffins.

The naked truth, as expressed by his family members is that Walt Disney perished in 1966. His body (yes, all of it) was cremated. His ashes were laid to rest at an undisclosed place in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.


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